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EQUIPA (e'kipa) is an evaluation and strategy firm that supports organizational learning for social transformation. We work with foundations and nonprofits with a focus on policy advocacy, community engagement, grassroots organizing, public art, health equity, and higher education. 


Equipa uses both qualitative and quantitative methods to measure and understand impact. We use interviews, surveys, focus groups, case studies, historical research, and participatory approaches. ​ Past Work: Evaluating foundation investments in bipartisan coalition-building in environmental policy.  Developmental evaluation to help nonprofits grow their volunteer capacity. Created indicators and a dashboard to track a policy organization's progress towards "North Star" goals in short, medium term.

Strategic Planning

Equipa helps you clarify your theory of change, test out your assumptions, identify unseen threats and opportunities, and align your tactics and everyday activities with your strategy. Past Work: ​​​​ Helped a nonprofit sharpen and communicate their theory of change, generating over two million dollars in new investment. Facilitated strategy sessions for boards, senior leadership, across teams. Landscape and demographic analysis to help a national organizing network make place-based investments.  Strategic planning with startups, growth-stage nonprofits, and century-old institutions.


We work one-on-one with nonprofit executives, organizers, development professionals, and policy leaders. We're in your corner as you take on new challenges and add new tools to your toolbox. Past Work: Thought partner to nonprofit founder on organizational development, helping to double their staff and budget.  One-on-one coaching with community organizers, from first year apprentice to Organizing Director.

Other Services

Equipa provides custom training in community organizing, policy advocacy, nonprofit governance, research methods, implementation science, and major donor fundraising. We train in English, Spanish and bilingual formats. We also support community-engaged research and advise organizations in leadership development and community engagement. Equipa is commissioned to write policy reports, field scans, and support other specialized research needs.


1617 Park Place Avenue

Suite 110

Fort Worth, Texas





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